Monday, April 30, 2012

Highest of Highs

Today officially marks the last day of my contract.  Since I don't work Mondays, Friday was actually my last day of work.  I'm FREE... and it feels sooo good.

On Friday, I only had two of my classes at Morne Vert because the other two were gone for the day.  It was a little sad because as much as I disliked my job here, I am going to miss the kids.  Working with the kids was the only part of my job that I actually enjoyed (big surprise since I don't actually like kids very much).  I was flooded with hugs and bisous as I said goodbye, and I was really touched by how many kids said they were going to miss me.  I took pictures with them, which I would love to post, but I don't think that's legal..?

I feel like I'm already enjoying Martinique so much more.  I didn't realize how much that job stressed me out until it was over.  I'm glad I did this program because of the experiences it gave me, but the program itself is in need of a lot of improvement.  But then again, the entire reason I did this was for the experience of living here and not for the job.  So I guess I got out of it exactly what I wanted. 

Almost all of the other assistants are either leaving this week or next.  I am so grateful now that I booked my ticket to leave at the end of May.  Over 3 weeks of vacation?  Yes, please.  I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with so much free time, but I think I'll be able to manage.  Did I mention that I now live in Anse Figuier, and one of my favorite beaches is only a 5 minute walk away?  

My time in Martinique has definitely had its ups and downs.  But without the stress of work and coworkers, I am quite sure that the next 3 weeks will be the highest of highs...  

View of Marin from the highest of highs when I was paragliding

Sunset from JY's front door (where I'll be staying the next 3 weeks)

Me, in Paradise