Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beginning of the Worst Week

It hasn't been a very good week so far... And it's only Tuesday.

Sunday night, after a small house party in the afternoon, my friend Joelle and I went to a bar called Ti Sable for some Reggae music and dancing.  We ended up leaving early because neither of us felt very well, thinking it might have been something we ate at lunch.

As soon as I started driving home, I heard a weird clicking noise coming from my tires.  Since the roads were narrow and winding, we had to wait a while to find a safe place to stop.  When I pulled over into a shady little gas station, we saw that my back tire was very low, but it was still safe to drive on.  We decided to keep driving, stopping at every gas station to try to find an air pump.

After driving through a small town, we found a gas station to swing into.  There was a small little air pump, but when I got out of my car to try to use it, I realized there was no hose... and that when you touched the box, it practically fell over.  Ok, on to the next gas station...

We were back on narrow and winding roads in the middle of nowhere, at night, when the little click click click click started to sound more like a bam bam bam bam.  Oh shit.  Against our will, we had to pull over, only to see that my tire was completely flat.  So, it's 11:30 at night, two white girls pulled over by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with a pneu crevĂ©... totally the beginning of a horror story.  And it was raining.

Do we know how to change a tire?  Of course not.  We couldn't even figure out how to get the spare tire out of the car.  We had no one to call to help us, so I called my insurance company to have them send someone (or rather, I made Joelle call my insurance company... after our experience of getting locked in a parking garage, I'm not a fan of calling for help.  You can read about that whole ordeal on Joelle's blog).  We just have the worst luck together..

Finally, after waiting for almost 45 minutes, the guy shows up to help us in a huge tow truck.  Really unnecessary just to change a tire, but whatever.  Within 15 minutes, we were good to go... only to have to drive another 25 minutes back home.  Our stomachs still a little upset, extremely exhausted, we finally made it and crashed in bed.

The next day, Joelle said she would take me to a hole in the wall tire repair place to fix my flat.  Used tires were literally piled up to the ceiling.  Luckily, the guy said my tire was repairable, and for 10 euros he could mend it up.  Sweet.  Then for another 5, he put it back on for me and even filled my spare with air.  Fixing my tire was surprisingly fast, easy, cheap, and free of stress or paperwork.  What?  Am I still in Martinique?

Now, I mentioned before that Joelle and I hadn't been feeling well the night before.  Well, the next day (yesterday), neither of us felt 100% but we were fine.  Unfortunately, later that night, I got worse.  (Joelle on the other hand got better...)

Starting at about 10:30 last night, I started puking.  And it continued... all night.  I couldn't even sleep because I was up every 20 minutes throwing up.  Finally, after 2am, I was able to go about 2 hours of sleep in between episodes of vomiting.  Quite honestly, it was the most miserable night of my life.  I have never been so sick before.  And being sick in a foreign country with no one to comfort you just really sucks.

Traveling and living abroad can be empowering and exciting, but no matter what, when you're up all night puking, all you really want is to be home so your mommy can take care of you...