Thursday, December 1, 2011


Life is great.  Every day I keep discovering more that I love about Martinique.  Not everything is perfect, but my life on this island is pretty amazing.  Sometimes I find myself in disbelief that I am actually here and that I'm not just dreaming...

I discovered a beach right by my house that I am absolutely in love with.  It's actually a private beach for hotel guests, but who's to know that I'm not a tourist?  They imported white sand and actually constructed the beach just for the hotel.  It has some pretty good snorkeling too, when the weather is right.  Plus, there is a bar/restaurant just by the water.

La Batelière

Corona, only 4 euros
Last week, I had a medical appointment with OFII, the office of immigration to receive my carte de séjour (which makes me a temporary French citizen).  It was just a brief exam, but then I had to get x-rays and tested for TB.  In the waiting room, there were posters everywhere about leprosy.  The workers even had t-shirts that said "la lutte contre la lèpre" (the fight against leprosy).  I'm not sure if that means it's prevalent here, but just so you know, lepers are people too and shouldn't have to live in isolation!   

Poster advocating la lutte contre la lèpre
Thursday was Thanksgiving, but since they don't celebrate it here, we didn't get any time off of school. Thursday night was spent at la Batelière getting drunk with random Irish men, but Friday evening, one of the assistants had a huge Thanksgiving dinner at her house.  We had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mac and cheese (random), and salad.  It was delicious, and about 30 people showed up (a blend of Americans, Canadians, Brits, Spanish, and French).  Wonderful.

Place settings, before we added an extra table
After the dinner, I went out dancing at one of the only clubs in Martinique.  It ended up being a lot of fun, but extremely expensive.  It was 10 euros to get in, and I've heard that even a beer is 8 euros.  Insane!  But Saturday morning, I woke up to this over my neighbor's house:

This morning I had to go back to the OFII office (again) to pick up my results.  Afterwards, my friend Agatha and I decided to check out what was playing at the theater (the only movie theater on the island is about 2 minutes from my house).  We stopped by the grocery store to pick up some necessities (rhum) and snuck a water bottle filled with rum, Sprite, and grenadine into the theater.  We saw The Artist, which is a silent movie in black and white.  It was amazing, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.  You can watch the trailer here.

Tomorrow should be filled with good food, drinks, and friends.  After work, I'm going to a Bal des Pompiers (Firefighters' Ball) and then to a BBQ with some chefs that work in the military.  Amazing.

Now, go check out my new favorite dance song they play in clubs: