Monday, November 14, 2011

Story Worth Telling

I've been neglecting my blog, once again.  It makes me sad because I have so many great stories to tell!  It seems like every day brings some new adventure,but for now, I'll tell of my three favorite days...

Saturday 11/5
My friend Danny's teacher Jean-Yves invited us to a cook out on the beach.  Danny couldn't go, but his roommate Ryan and I went.  Upon arriving at Les Salines, we found out that it was actually Jean-Yves' birthday.  It was a cloudy and overcast day, but it couldn't have been more beautiful.  They had a pig and a sheep roasting since 8am.

Pig Roast
I sat down and played dominoes with a man from Senegal and a Martinican named Olivier.  We ate the pig and sheep, which were both quite delicious.  They "saved" me the souris (mouse) of the sheep, apparently the best part, but I have yet to discover what exactly it was...
I met so many amazing people, from all over Martinique and France.  I met a couple that lives in St. Luce that told me that any time I get sick of staying with my friends, I am always welcome to stay with them in their guest room.  The woman's mother told me that I was welcome anytime in her home in Normandy.  I met a fisherman named Patrick who agreed to take Ryan and me out fishing on his boat.  We also met another fisherman named Patrick, who goes fishing with spear guns, who also agreed to take us out. 
Meeting so many incredibly friendly people was so uplifting.  Sometimes being in Martinique can be really frustrating, but days like that are what make it all worthwhile.

Wednesday 11/9
Patrick #1 agreed to take us out on his boat to go fishing.  It was Patrick, Jean-Yves, Olivier, Ryan and me.  They showed us how to hook the fish for bait and throw out the line behind the boat.  It was a perfectly sunny day, and the waters were a gorgeous shade of blue.  For a while, I just sat down to tan and drink beer, but eventually I got in on the action.  Ryan ended up catching about 4 or 5 fish, including a massive mahi mahi!  Apparently mahi mahi are really rare to catch here, so it was very exciting.  I ended up catching two barracudas.

Ryan with his Mahi Mahi
When we returned from fishing, we had to clean the fish.  At first, I just took pictures and held my nose, but then Olivier and Patrick made me help scale the fish.  When they cut open the mahi mahi, there were eggs inside, which are apparently a delicacy.
After cleaning the fish, we drove to Jean-Yves' house to eat the mahi mahi eggs and drink ti-punch.  Ti-punch is the Martinican drink.  It's just sugar, rum, and lime juice.  So strong, and so good.  And the mahi mahi eggs were surprisingly very tasty as well.
All in all, it was a perfect day.  I got to learn something new, get a tan, drink beer, and taste a new food, all in the company of amazingly fun people.

Saturday 11/12
So while eating the mahi mahi eggs, we had made plans to go to Patrick's house on Saturday to eat the fish that we caught.  Olivier couldn't go, but Danny came with us.  Patrick made us a great meal, minus the pâté de la tête du cochon.  Yes, that's pâté made out of pig's head.  Most likely the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, but I was brave and tried a bite.  It just tasted like salty pork, but I ended up getting a stomachache later that evening.  Not sure if it was actually from the pig's head, but I'm going to go ahead and say it was.

All in all, I have been having some really amazing experiences.  I keep meeting such fascinating people that really inspire me.  There are so many things that I want to do in life... So many places to go, things to see, foods to taste... I just hope that when I'm older, when I tell my life story, it will be a story worth telling.

Anse Figuier