Saturday, September 24, 2011

Significant 2s

I leave in 2 days for Puerto Rico.  I'll be staying in San Juan for 2 nights before I fly to Martinique.  Then I'll stay in Fort-de-France for 2 nights before I get picked up by my tuteur and see my apartment.  I'll stay in my apartment in le Morne Vert for 2 nights before returning to Fort-de-France for 2 nights for my orientation.  That's a lot of 2s.  Must be significant somehow!

My current favorite activity is making lists.  And then crossing things off those lists.  So:

Things to Do:

  • Repack my suitcase.  Again.  I packed it completely, realized it was 2 pounds overweight, repacked it to make it lighter, only to discover that my suitcase is falling apart.  So I now need to transfer all of my crap into a different suitcase.  Ugh.
  • Figure out my travel insurance.  Yeah, I know I probably should have made this call before now.  But I forgot.
  • Deposit money into my checking account.  I went to do this yesterday, but I didn't have a pen.  I hate how drive-thu ATMs never have pens.
  • Back up computer.  Kind of important.  
  • Make plans for Puerto Rico.  I want to have an idea of what I want to do while I'm there.  Or at the very least, write down directions to my hostel.  Side note: I got an email from them the other day saying that there have been setbacks due to the hurricane so my room wouldn't be available.  Instead, they're putting me in a bigger room (by myself) for free.  Yep, free.  There might not be hot water, but come on... FREE.

Off to be productive before a family dinner tonight!