Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Get Visa
Buy Ticket

Things are finally starting to come together.

I received my visa already.  It got here within 6 days.  Gotta say, I'm pretty shocked.  I thought the whole visa experience would have been more stressful than it actually was.

Last Tuesday night I decided to finally buy my ticket.  Just FYI, Martinique is very expensive to fly in and out of.  Initially, I was planning on buying a ticket to St. Lucia and taking the ferry over to Martinique.  Overall, it would cost about $550 total, in comparison to $750 to fly straight to Martinique (from Traverse City, one-way).  Then I found out that the ferries (all of them) shut down between the middle of September and the middle of October.  Exactly when I am going.

On to Plan B.  I decided I would fly to a different Caribbean island, stay for a few days, then fly into Martinique.  After doing some research, Trinidad seemed to be the cheapest.  But before I bought my ticket, I changed my mind and decided to spend the extra money to fly straight into Martinique.... until I saw that I would have a 22 hour layover in San Juan.  Really??  22 hours?  I might as well stay there a couple days then....

Okay, Plan C.  Fly to San Juan from Traverse City, stay a couple nights at a cheap hostel, then fly to FDF.  And so, at about 2 am last Tuesday, that is what I finally decided to book.

The next day I heard from my aunt (who heard from a friend) that Trinidad is not a great place to visit, especially for a woman traveling alone.  Guess I dodged a bullet there.  I ended up paying a lot more than I had initially expected, but I'm happy with my itinerary so... it is what it is.

For weeks, I had been so overwhelmed with things to do that I could barely even feel excited to go to Martinique.  Now that things are coming together and I can finally cross things off my checklist, I am feeling much more relaxed.  I even got to do some research today (which, by the way, led to the decision that I am going to buy a car when I get there).

One month + 3 days until I leave