Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Le Morne Rouge

I wasn't planning on hearing from Martinique until late July or early August.

Well, I got an email on Friday.  It included an introduction letter about orientation and such (that I have yet to read all the way through) and a table of where each assistant is going to be located.  So now it's official:

I will be going to Le Morne Rouge.

I have barely had time to research it, but it's a town on the southern end of the volcano in northern Martinique.  Maybe you all could research it and send me links... (hint hint)

Looking at this map, I'm a little confused because in the email it says my school will be Morne Vert.  Hmm.  I guess I should probably actually read the documents that they sent...

I'm actually extremely excited about my location.  From the little I have researched it, le Morne Rouge looks breathtakingly beautiful.  I think hiking will be a wonderful hobby to pick up while I'm there.  The more I think about it, the more I think this will be the perfect location for me.  Plus, whenever I feel like hitting up the beaches or a bigger city, I can just get in contact with some other assistants around the island!

I am happy that I heard from Martinique, but it's almost overwhelming me right now.  I got the email at the beginning of 4th of July weekend, and I haven't had any time to do all the reading and researching that I want!  And of course, I leave tomorrow to pick up my sister and niece from the airport (YAY!) so things won't be settling down for quite a bit!

Although it's exciting that I heard about my location, and I got information for my contact person, I am still waiting for my arrêté (work contract).  I need that in order to get my visa.  But getting this email (which is not required of the académie and therefore a huge surprise) gives me hope that my arrété will arrive sooner rather than later!

Cheers, to la Martinique!


After note:

So I just decided to look up the definition of le morne.  I assumed it was something having to do with a mountain or volcano, but I hadn't heard that term before.  I dusted off my Petit Robert, and under the third definition listed, it does define it as a small mountain... dans les îles.  This means that le morne is officially my first "island" word that I have learned.  

Therefore Le Morne Rouge = The Red Mountain.

(Although "the red mountain" sounds so much more lame than le morne rouge....)